Deadly sin of computer clone

I know about computer cloning first time in january last year, if I'm not false. I learnt about it from my senior in UPKFE. In that Time, we have so many differently-configured computer, but fortunately most of them have the same hardware spesification. after making some talk we decide to make a master and clone it to every single same-hardware-spec computers.

If I'm not mistake in that time we try for the first time having a dual boot computer on our labs. we use mandrake 10.0 side by side with Windows XP Professional. Once we try clone it, it cloned succesfully but when we boot the target, a problem rise, the bootloader is broken. I and mas dwi trying to figure out how to solve this problem. the unfortunate stuff was the labs must be ready to use the day after tomorrow, so we just have one day. after one night hacks, trying this and that, we solve it just simply using mandrake rescue mode and installing the bootloader from there.

This evening I clone a computer using Acronis, damnly the master's grub is broken after I use it to clone to another harddrive, but the target is fine. what a unfortunate? I just downloaded g4u(ghost for unix) and g4l(ghost for linux). just one of my dream to make a centralized system image, so if one computer going wrong I can repair it just by boot from diskette and restore the image that was saved in the server to the computer.  Hopefully it will work and can help and save us(the labs I mean) 

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