The 3R

No no no, don’t get me wrong with 3r, it’s not a kind of company name (if you remember 3M), not a kind of photo size or anything. it’s about something that I and my kamerad here, in Unit Pengembangan Komputer Fakultas Ekonomi UNDIP faced on our daily work and play on the lab.

As a lab assistan I feel that this place is such a nice, next to perfect, place to work and play everyday, Nice kamerads, nice and visionaire boss, and lots of facilities that we can use to learn about computing and some related stuffs around it(like networking). Of course this is not the place that I want to spent my lifetime working in, but as a student, especially a student majoring on management, it’s very nice.

Unfortunately (to be honest, lately I’m thinking that this is not such a kind of unfortunateness, a lot of nice things behind it, but I’ll tell you later), our environment (read: my boss’s boss and some people around him) is not as friendly as what we got in the labs. dunno why, but in a positive thinking point of view, we (just say the labs and the environment) have a lot of miscommunication so that we(the labs) think that they’re not friendly and so do they think about us.

As part of the lab crews, I was cursed to be a person who have to face with the network connection on the labs

Redesign the strategy, Rearrange task, Rebel

(This posting is not finished yet actually, I wrote the draft several months ago, just find it and think it should be better published now than later, to be honest I forgot the main Idea)

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