Rilis Distribusi : Scientific Linux 5.1

Troy Dawson mengumumkan rilis Scientific Linux 5.1, Distribusi linux berbasi Red Hat Enterprise Linux dengan piranti Lunak tambahan untuk kegiatan pendidikan dan ilmiah: Scientific
Linux 5.1 is finally out. This release has the ability to easily make
sites (customized Scientific Linux distributions). The ability to make
sites was missing from SL 5.0. We also managed to add back some of
those packages that didn’t make it into SL 5.0, as well as a few
packages new for this release. Scientific Linux release 5.1 is based on
the rebuilding of RPMs out of SRPMs from Enterprise 5 Server and
Client, including Update 1. It also includes all errata and bugfixes up
until January 16, 2008.
ditambahkan ke Scientific Linux Beberapa piranti lunak ekstra termasuk  915resolution, Alpine, CFITSIO, dropit, FUSE,
Graphviz, IceWM, Intel wireless firmware, Java, MadWiFi, GStreamer
plugins, NdisWrapper, NEdit, NumPy, OpenAFS, R dan lain sebagainya. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis . Download: SL-51-011508-i386-DVD.iso (4,345MB, SHA1).

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