IBM Redbooks tentang linux dan networking

Jalan-jalan ke developerworks, kejatuhan beberapa redbooks dari IBM, monggo silahkan diunduh

Solaris to Linux Migration: A Guide for System Administrators (pdf)

The goal of this IBM Redbook is to provide a technical reference for IT systems administrators in organizations that are considering a migration from Solaris to Linux-based systems. We present a systems administrator view of the technical differences and methods necessary to complete a successful migration to Linux-based systems, including coverage of how those differences translate to two major Linux distributions: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

The book is designed primarily to be a reference work for the experienced Solaris 8 or 9 system administrator who will need to begin working with Linux. It should serve as a guide for system administrators that need a concise technical reference for facilitating the transition to Linux.

The book also provides details about how to leverage the additional industry-leading technologies in IBM eServer xSeries servers, IBM POWER technology-based systems (iSeries/pSeries), and IBM eServer zSeries systems that make them very powerful and flexible platforms for hosting Linux-based solutions.

TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview (pdf)

With continual advances in hardware and TCP/IP networking capabilities, this very popular book deserves an update.

The TCP/IP protocol suite has become the de facto standard for computer communications in today’s networked world.

The ubiquitous implementation of a specific networking standard has led to an incredible dependence on the applications enabled by it. Today, we use the TCP/IP protocols and the Internet not only for entertainment and information, but to conduct our business by performing transactions, buying and selling products, and delivering services to customers. We are continually extending the set of applications that leverage TCP/IP, thereby driving the need for further infrastructure support.

It is our hope that both the novice and the expert will find useful information in this publication.

Introduction to Networking Technologies (pdf)

There are many different computing and networking technologies — some
available today, some just now emerging, some well-proven, some quite
experimental. Understanding the computing dilemma more completely
involves recognizing technologies; especially since a single
technology by itself seldom suffices, and instead, multiple
technologies are usually necessary.

This document describes a sampling of technologies of various types,
by using a tutorial approach. It compares the technologies available
in the three major technology areas: application support, transport
networks, and subnetworking. In addition, the applicability of these
technologies within a particular situation is illustrated using a set
of typical customer situations.

This document can be used by consultants and system designers to
better understand, from a business and technical perspective, the
options available to solve customers’ networking problems.

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