Rilis BSD : FreeNAS 0.686.4

Volker Theile telah mengumumkan rilis FreeNAS 0.686.4:

FreeNAS 0.686.4 stable was released today. It is a maintenance release so no new features have been included. Changes: Set subnet mask to 24 per default if DHCP is activated, otherwise WebGUI is not accessible in most networks when changing from DHCP to static; do not validate sync time values when pressing ‘Now’ on status report page; add ability to add multiple destination email addresses on status report page; display interfaces with status ‘associated’ in UPnP services WebGUI too; add ability to configure multiple host names for Dynamic DNS service; add patch to do a file system check on root if necessary; display correct share name for mounted ISOs on initial system page; fix CPU graph script error….

Baca informasi lebih lanjut di Pengumuman Rilis. Download: FreeNAS-i386-liveCD-0.686.4.3374.iso (46.6MB, MD5).

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