Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review

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Peer code review is happening behind the scenes at your competitor’s shop. Are they wasting their time or gaining a competitive advantage? What type of review actually works?

We’ve compiled 10 practical essays from industry experts giving specific techniques for effective peer code review:

  • Cisco: The largest-ever case study of peer code review
  • Modern experiments: results of the past 15 years
  • Five types of review: Pro’s and Con’s
  • Managing social aspects of peer review
  • Code review in the SEI/CMMI/PSP/TSP context
  • Why many developers don’t embrace code review
  • Questions to ask when implementing a peer review process
  • Why haven’t you heard more about code review?
  • Metrics and measurements
  • Code Collaborator: Software for efficient, remote peer review
  • Table of Contents & Sample Chapters

    Complete Table of Contents with some chapters available on-line:

    The Case for Peer Review
    The $1 billion bug and why no one talks about peer code review.
    Resistance to Code Review
    Why some developers resist code review and how new tools change the game.
    Five Types of Review
    Pros and cons of formal, over-the-shoulder, e-mail pass-around, pair-programming, and tool-assisted reviews.
    Brand New Information
    What modern literature has to say about code review; what studies do and don’t agree on.
    Code Review at Cisco Systems
    The largest case study ever done on lightweight code review process; data and lessons.
    Social Effects of Peer Review
    Unexpected positive social aspects; handling hurt feelings, and the “Big Brother Effect.”
    Questions for a Review Process
    Questions to ask and what to do with the answers when starting a peer review process.
    Measurement & Improvement
    Which metrics are useful, what do they mean, what do they not mean, and how to use them to improve the process.
    The Science of Review Process
    The code review process from the CMM/SEI perspective.
    Code Collaborator
    Screen-by-screen walk-through for the most popular peer code review tool on the market.
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