python extension build error on windows

It sucks. yesterday I tried to install the python part of QuantLib SWIG on windows. most of the time I try to do it on windows first then move to linux. when I did

> python build

it gives me an error message “error: The .NET SDK needs to be installed before building extensions for python.”

Actually I had try to build QuantLib-SWIG before Id Holiday but get the same error message. I download .NET SDK 2.0 and just have a time to install it yesterday but still get the same error message. so? what actually goes wrong? According to a post on comp.lang.python actually it a mislead error message not the SDK that I need but Visual Studio 7.1 (not sure but if I’m not false it’s Visual Studio 2003). Last night I read some code related to this error message on Lib/distutils/ it check the version whether it’s > 7.0 or not. The post on comp.lang.python above also mentioning using GNI mingw32 compiler and I figuring out how to force using mingw32compiler. the command that we have to give is
> python build --compiler=mingw32

I Still not succesfully build QuantLib-SWIG I think it path related problem will figure out about it later. the good news is I had successfully install QuantLib-SWIG on my Fedora 8. and, yes, it’s time to write a piece (or perhaps bunch of code). Still waiting the good news about the trial on matlab. if it finished I don’t have to dirtying my hand and can start doing another thing:)

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